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4 step Organic Pedicure System

4 Step Pedicure System 50 Complete Sets. Made for sensitive skin in mind. Step One- Magnesium Soak Step two- Quartz Foot Scrub Step three- Cleansing Clay Mask Step four- Vegan Organic Massage Lotion


Aromatherapy is an important therapy for the perpetuation of your holistic healing and physical well–being. It not only boosts up

Set of CRYO Therapy Preparation Gel

Made for use with Radio Frequency Facial Firming and Cryo Slimming Machines. Helps keep temperature consistent while providing smooth glide. This Cryo gel does not freeze! Designed to provide optimal results when conducting slimming treatments. Our gel is designed to increase the coupling efficiency, ensuring delivery of the required energy into the deep layers of the skin. Made to cool the skin in order to increase the treatment efficiency and client comfort when conducting treatment sessions. First Customer order comes with one PUMP LID