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Packets of Analgesic Pain Relief Sugar Scrub

CBD Infused Sugar Scrub 25 single Packets of CBD Sugar Scrub. Each Packet containers 1oz

Box of Single Packets Pain Relief Magnesium Lotion

Massage therapists! One box has 20 packets of 1 ounce magnesium lotion. Each packet contains 200mg of CBD When applied directly to the skin, CBD is capable of relieving pain, soreness in joints and muscles by reducing inflammation. CBD applications go directly to the source and tend to work faster.

Box of Single Packets Analgesic Pain Relief Lotion

CBD Pain Relief Lotion Best Seller- Pain Relief Lotion 20 packets of 1 ounce each packet has 150mg of CBD

Resistant Hand Soap

Features: Gentle ingredients, Clean and soft feeling, Fresh and clean smell Fresh And Soft: Deeply cleanses the skin and does not strip off natural oils. Has Organic Hemp Seed oil that provides intense hydration and soothes dryness. Leaves your skin with a soft and smooth feel. Easy Lather: This natural hand soap creates a rich and luxurious lather with just a small amount while thoroughly cleansing impurities off your hands. For All Skin Types: Does not