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The journey begins many years ago in the shadows of many senior figures. Taking the golden goose idea and manifesting it into a reality. Meaning many of the people we worked beside had taken functional plans, ideas, and open projects. Perhaps too much trust in the belief that people are naturally good. With this fuel to burn the flame. We decided to go a different route. So Cannibus Infused products amongst many other ideas are the direction we have been going toward for 5 years.

THE CORRIDOR: There are multiple facets to the plan.

1. Design a program to help business needing fulfilment centers. Not a retailer. Building a Brand, but can not or do not want fill bottles. 10 year, 5 year, 2 year plan starts to look very achievable with this capability.
2. Business cycle is very much trendy. Having the products from the market trends as they become accessible. Are key to today’s business success. With a research and development/market research segment we are a company committed to the best
products. And pride ourselves on being the LOW COST LEADERS in the market while remaining the highest quality.

3. With the business owner in mind as well as the client. We understand the situation business is faced with. In a very technological era what keeps customers coming back. We all have pain at some point and most people want a non-pharmaceutical answer. With a market segment being $314 million dollars and expected to grow to $22 billion dollars in the next 3 years. Only 7 percent of adults in the US use CBD products the market is wide open.
4. Simply supply products to grow your repeat and return clientele. Along with growing product margins.
Being a woman minority owned and US Army veteran ran business. We have the understanding of all aspects of business strategy, logistics, certifications, and organization necessary to make your business model work. We also understand how the tarrifs that are being applied are taking away the ability to used outside resources to keep cost down. We have a vision for the future of domestic business flourishing again. Join the Oh That Glow family and we can work together to make it to the next level.


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