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Analgesic Pain Relief Coconut Soak (48 ounces)

Luxurious Organic Coconut Milk Bath Soak. Relax your feet or body with this bath soak that will leave your skin smooth of aches and pain

Analgesic Pain Relief Lotion 48oz

CBD Pain Relief Lotion Best Seller- Pain Relief Lotion just like the Canna-Ped Packet in bulk (48oz)

Analgesic Pain Relief Salve 200 MG

Analgesic Pain Relief Salve 200MG PAIN happens. SUFFERING is optional. World class athlete or weekend warrior, you can trust this salve for proven pain relief.  

Analgesic Pain Relief Rose Mask 48oz

The majority of the people have busy life schedules, which involve multiple necessary tasks and activities that are to be


A Canna-Ped™ is a cannabis infused pedicure using CBD infused bath soak, CBD sugar scrub, CBD mud mask and CBD pain relief massage lotion. Our Canna-Ped™ will provide you the ultimate, luxurious experience while enjoying the therapeutic properties of Oh that Glow Certified Essential Oils. Our Canna-Ped™ is easy to use! Each package comes with step by step instructions. AVAILABLE IN WHOLESALE ONLY. REGISTER & SIGN UP TO BE A DISTRIBUTOR TODAY. Wholesale contains 18 Boxes- Brochures are included Distributor Contains 64 Boxes-Brochures are included

Box of Single Packets Analgesic Pain Relief Lotion

CBD Pain Relief Lotion Best Seller- Pain Relief Lotion 20 packets of 1 ounce each packet has 150mg of CBD